My Favorite Fall Makeup Trends

Soooo…. fall is approaching and like any other girl my age, I can’t wait. Ah yes the lattes, boots, and of course the makeup. I’m not always in the know with the very new and current trends, but I will say that I have a general idea of what is “in” at the moment. When choosing my makeup looks, I do pay attention to trends… but I also just do what I feel like doing. Ever since I returned to school, I have been waiting for the temperature to start dropping so I can start dressing up my makeup routine. Without the products sweating off my face in this hot Athens weather that is…


Overall, I would say that this fall I am trying to achieve looks that embrace the warm, dark shades of the colder seasons. Plums, reds, rosy pinks all constitute of the colors that I’m talking about… especially when it comes to lips. The bold lip trend has been everywhere. I am trying to invest in some new lip liners this fall… I’ve had my eye on the Marc Jacobs (P)Outliner Longwear Lipliner in (prim)rose. I was happy with the Marc Jacobs Eyeliner I tried out, so I’m pumped to try the lip liner too. The color is defined as “cocoa spice”… and I see it as being a dark rose color with a hint of brown and some shimmer. One of the main reasons I love lip liner is because it’s easy to subtly draw in larger lips, and for people with small lips like me… this really helps. When people typically think of lining lips, I feel like Kylie Jenner comes to mind. But it is possible to over-line without looking ridiculous. If you line them right along the outside of your lips, a subtle yet noticeable improvement is made. It can get confusing sometimes when trying to match your liner to a lipstick. Don’t fear- it doesn’t have to match perfectly! Typically, my liner is darker than my lipstick. Many liners typically only come in a few shades (red, pink, brown) and they are relatively neutral. My tip is to you is to try and pick a similar liner and lip, with the liner being slightly darker. I’ve also been into using non-lip products for my lip regime. I like to dab a little bit of illuminizer on my cupids bow and my lower lip. This is nice if you aren’t feeling glossy lips and just want to emphasize your lipstick color.

I am also looking forward to darker eye shadows. I remember around this time last year Dior came out with a new shade for their 5-Colour Eyeshadow palette that I was OBSESSED with (and still am). It’s called Traflagar and the mixture of maroon, pink, gold, and shimmery white is simply on point. It’s easy to be afraid of branching out and trying new shadow colors, but there’s no reason to be. I tried this palette on my sister once and the reddish/pink/maroon color looked gorgeous with her green eyes. The palette also looks nice with my warm amber/brown eyes because the colors pull out the gold and red in my eyes.

Ugh.. why can’t there be a Sephora nearby. I mean seriously…

Anyway, moving on to complexion. I like embracing my paleness in the fall… yeah it’s nice to be tan but it doesn’t hurt to embrace your fair skin in the fall. You can create a sort of angelic glow by going easy on the bronzer and heavy with the luminizer. Embracing fair skin can look just as good as tan skin when done right. I think it is important to work with what you’ve got. You have one face… try to enhance your own features. I have, however seen a lot of golden-glow type face products in fall makeup lines. I saw recently that Nars came out with the Liquid Gold Face Set which I’m dying to get my hands on. (Which btw Nars just came out with their Pro Palette… check it out. Aka I know what I’m asking for Christmas). Since I’m all about a dewy/glowy face… this is right up my alley. The set comes with a gold illuminator, Multiple (multipurpose cream makeup), and lip gloss.

So whatever fall trends you wish to follow… or if you have your own fall looks you wanna try out… the time to do so is approaching. The season may mean back to school and reality, but it also means it’s time to change up your look. I am more than ready for this upcoming season.

Until next time,

Alex Bert



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