Fall Beauty Trends Never Looked So Good

Hey hey hey. It’s a beautiful fall day here in Athens, Ohio and what better way to start the day than to discuss the fall makeup trends. I have been having a lot going on lately, and the stress has been slowly increasing… its safe to say this calls for me to write a new post to get away from reality for a bit. As I mentioned in an earlier post, shimmery eyes and bold lips are all the rage this fall season. Lips in particular are taking over the cosmetics world. Its all about big and bold lips this autumn season and I can’t say I’m complaining. I’m all for creating the illusion that I have plump lips, because that certainly isn’t reality. If you refer to my previous post a few weeks back on lipstick, I discuss tips and tricks for creating plump lips. Now that you know how to create them, it’s time to discuss the “it-products” of the season to accomplish this. A makeup artist from the U.K., Charlotte Tilbury, has taken the cosmetics world by storm. She won the InStyle award for makeup artist if the year… and I can see why. What she is able to do with makeup is phenomenal judging from her work. This summer I went to London and while I was exploring the beauty department at Harrods (its amazing, I might add) I noticed her collection of a variety of makeup looks. You can achieve each look by buying the makeup set that comes with it. The set comes with everything you will need… from eyeshadow, to blush, to lipstick. Check out her looks here. The whole concept is a simple yet genius idea… and I highly suggest you take a look.

Obviously contouring, and more particularly highlighting, has been extremely popular these past few months. Achieving a glowing complexion has never been easier with the products we have available now. Just recently, BECCA Cosmetics has released their limited edition Shimmery Skin Perfector Palette. It comes with 3 colors: a white pearl color, nude champagne, and a bronze. All have the perfect amount of excessive shimmer. When it comes to highlighting… especially on a night out… the more shimmer the better. I’ve noticed that there has been a lot of hype about this product on social media. I can’t wait to try it out and see what it’s like.

Another beauty trend being talked about is K-Beauty. That is, Korean Beauty. They have all the latest and greatest techniques on skincare and makeup. The Koreans are known for having flawless glowing skin… and their products can help you achieve that coveted look. Sephora has started to carry tons of K-Beauty brands. I’m yet to try the masks and skin care… but sheet masks seem to be their thing, and I really wanna get my hands on one. I tried the Touch in Sol Browza Super Proof Gel Brow Pencil recently… and the formula itself is pretty neat. It goes on with a gel consistency, but dries powdery. This way, you are able to sculpt your brows to your liking… but the end result is natural because of the powder. I must say… perfect brows are a must for me and now its never been easier to create them! Gosh I love technology. With all of the brow products available to us now… its kinda hard to pick a specific product. While exploring Sephora’s site (my daily routine) I came across a page that categorizes different brow products according to their formula, purpose, and other characteristics. Check out the page here. Needless to say… the amount of new and exciting products on the market right now is too much for me to take in… i need them all. Seriously. The world of beauty is huge… explore it.

Until next time,
Alex Bert

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