Makeup Products Worth the Splurge

In a perfect world, a twenty-something college girl could afford to buy the best makeup at Sephora. In reality, that brand new Chanel lipstick is out of reach for you at the moment. So the big question is what products are worth the splurge and what drug-store products work just as well? The number one product that you should take the time picking out is foundation. I have tried a variety of drug store foundations, and I wasn’t thrilled with the results. For one, I’ve found that most inexpensive foundations smell like chemicals/sunscreen… call me crazy but this is my biggest complaint. The finish and consistency of more expensive foundation just can’t compare. My all time favorite foundations include those by Guerlain (i’ve never actually bought a full sized foundation by them.. only samples), Dior, and Yves Saint Laurent. Both their tinted moisturizers and heavier foundations have lasted me months and provide great coverage… however they are a lot of money so you could ask for it as a gift or something. Another product worth spending money on is a quality eyebrow pencil. I have had too many bad experiences with pencils smearing around my brows after I blend in the color. You could pay top dollar for a pencil by Dior (this is the truth. I swear), or I have found that Sephora’s eyebrow products work very well. Mascara is something that doesn’t need to be splurged on, as I mentioned in my earlier post. I have been happy using drug store liquid eyeliner as well… as long as it has a pen felt tip (SO much easier to use). Eyeshadow can go either way… more expensive eyeshadows tend to be more pigmented and last longer, but cheaper eyeshadow is comparable-as long as you use eyeshadow primer! Inexpensive makeup doesn’t always have to be from a CVS… I have found some great products online that are both a reasonable price and reliable! Becoming a member of Birchbox will give you tons of discounts, and will introduce you to new makeup brands. I highly recommend checking it out if you haven’t already. Primer is also a makeup product that you NEED if you want your makeup to last all night. You don’t have to use it during the day, but if you are using a lot of products, it’s a must. However… I don’t remember the last time I bought primer. Stores give out primer samples a lot so I just stock up on those (Sephora Beauty Insider Rewards always has the hookups). Basically any primer will do… experiment with different types on your skin and see what works for you 🙂

Foundations I Use and Recommend: 
Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Full Coverage Foundation– offers very full coverage and will cover most blemishes and imperfections. $39 (Also check out their Amazonian Clay Waterproof Bronzer as well!)
Dior Star Fluid Foundation SPF 30– This stuff is gold… great coverage and leaves my skin looking fresh and dewy without being oily. $50
Smashbox Liquid Halo Foundation– Reminds me a little of the Dior Star Foundation. Smells a little like sunscreen but I really like the consistency of the product itself and how it looks after application. $42
Giorgio Armani Face Fabric Foundation SPF 12– Literally feels like you are rubbing liquid satin on your face… if that makes any sense. The texture is absolute perfection and is very lightweight. Worth the splurge. $51

Eyeshadows I Use and Recommend:
Coastal Scents Revealed 2 Palette– I love the colors in this palette… and 20 bucks for 20 shadows??? I’m sold. $19.95
Benefit Cosmetics World Famous Neutrals Easiest Nudes Ever– I really like how this box includes both cream and powder eyeshadows. I like mixing different types of shadows together… it makes it interesting. Plus it includes a little how-to book…just in case you need some guidance! $30

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