Christmas Wishlist

The leaves are changing, days are shortening, and temperatures lowering…. yes we are at the peak of fall and are approaching the winter season. The changing of the seasons also means changing up your beauty regime. I feel like the most important thing to do in the winter is to hydrate your skin. Nothing bothers me more than dry flakey skin. Skincare is not a huge concern of mine in the summer months… but when you’re walking across campus mid December with the crisp wind blowing at your face… a dried out complexion is almost inevitable. There is some time until we have to deal with harsh winter weather… but why not start preparing sooner rather than later…

A more intense facial moisturizer is my main concern when it comes to winter skincare. It’s difficult to decide which moisturizer to use… I break out if I use anything too heavy, but my skin gets super dry in the winter. I used to just use a thick lotion.. but then tried a sample of face oil and it changed the game. I’ve been reading for awhile now on how face oils have become the next must-have beauty item. They provide you with intense moisture, without being too heavy and clogging pores. Sephora has tons of options when it comes to oils. If you visit the page, you will see Sephora has oils for moisturizing, an cleansing oils. I have tried the L’Occitane Shea Cleansing Oil, which definitely made my skin feel softer. It removes makeup, smells great, and is cheaper than other cleansing oils. Facial oils of all types are kinda pricy, but if you are looking for a winter moisturizer that does the job right… make the investment. If you are looking for further moisture, I would try a sheet mask from Sephora, or a mask from Lush cosmetics. I haven’t tried the sheet masks, but I have heard good things. I tried the Cranberry mask from Lush, and I loved it. All natural ingredients and they have so many fun masks with some interesting ingredients… check it out for yourself.


Contouring is still going strong in the beauty world…. and improving as the days go on. I really don’t like doing intense contouring, highlighting and shadowing every point on your face. The end result is just too much for my liking, especially when using cream contouring products. Cream contouring products are great if you want a more intense and done-up look. Powders, which are my preference, create a more natural looking contour. I just tried a new contouring palette that blew my mind the other day that has both cream and powder formulas. Makeup Artist Kevin Aucoin just released the limited edition Contour Book The Art of Sculpting and Defining Volume II. The contour colors have more of a grey undertone, which looks more natural on many skin tones, when compared to brown or bronze contour products. The highlight colors are gorgeous too… This is definitely going to be on my Christmas wishlist…

Oh I can’t forget.. I have a little Nars product update. I talk about Nars in basically every post… so if you haven’t tried their products by now, I suggest you do. I just bought the Steven Klein Killer Shine Lipstick and Dual Intensity Eyeshadow. The lipstick definitely gives you KILLER shine… and the color I got, Beseme Mucho, is a beautiful nude that looks great on anyone. The dual intensity eyeshadow is seriously my new favorite shadow real talk. You can wear it in its orignal shadow state, or dip your brush in water to apply it wet. I have noticed that when using an wet angled brush with this shadow, you can line your eyes perfectly. The wet shadow also provides great coverage and will apply super close to the lashline without even trying very hard. I may even like using this shadow more than regular eyeliner…

Yours Truly
Alex Bert 

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