All That Glitters

Glitter has been making a huge comeback these days. I mean, I would never be opposed to adding a little sparkle to my makeup look, and this trend is coming back in full force. From eyes and lips, to even hair… glitter has been used on all of these features across the runways to spice up any look. I stumbled upon some sweet glitter pics on Allure from NYFW… and I can say that absolutely love it. Even Vogue confirms this awesome trend.

I have noticed that when an artist uses glitter, the remainder of the face makeup is very minimalistic. This makes the glitter stand out, and spices up a simple face with just a swipe of shimmer. It’s somewhat funny how two opposites, glitter and a clean face, go hand-in-hand. You don’t even have to be a makeup artist to add glitter to your look. A fresh face and a little bit of shimmer is all you need.

Some of you might be wondering if you can use old craft glitter from the 3rd grade for your makeup. Well, cosmetic glitter is a lot different than craft glitter. Cosmetic glitter tends to be more fine, thus making it easier to make precise lines and detail. Craft glitter can irritate the skin and eyes if used as makeup, so make the safe move and pick up some shiny new ~cosmetic glitter~

Since we have established where we can use glitter and what types to use, we move on to the fun step… shopping! Looking for some crazy colors?? Well, Make Up For Ever has got you covered. Their Glitters come in a variety of shades. Just swipe on the eyes with a wet brush, or dust on applied lipstick to add some excitement to a look. Maybe you’re looking for a more subtle look… well Urban Decay has the perfect glitter eyeliner to add a delicate flair to your eye makeup.


Not trying to break the bank, but still wanna keep up with the trends? No worries, Wet n’ Wild has some glitter eyeshadow in a multitude of colors for $0.99 each! That’s a perfect price for cosmetic glitter when you want to save for a special occasion or night out on the town. I really like this specific product because it contains a clear gel within the shadow that allows the glitter to glide onto the eyelids and stick without creasing. If you happen to be online shopping at H&M, check out their beauty department. They sell facial glitter in key neutral shades for a more subtle glittery look. 

Glittery solid shadows, blushes, and highlighters can also be used to embrace the glitter trend, without all the fuss of loose glitter. One of my favorites is my Nars highlighting blush in Miss Liberty. The color is a light beige with shimmer and flecks of glitter. It definitely sparkles, but without being overbearing. The Nars eyeshadow in Fathom is another one of my glittery favorites. The light pink and sparkles remind me of a tulle ballerina skirt. I wear this color by itself, on my brow bone, or on top of a darker eyeshadow.

FullSizeRender 3

I have always loved adding glitter to makeup routine. Whether it’s day or night, a touch of sparkle can always be used to glam up your look.

Alex B. 





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