Face Masks

Face masks: an instantaneous solution for many skin issues such as dryness, fatigue, acne and so on.

I’ve found myself invested in my skincare routine more than ever as of recently. Like a canvas should be clean and prepped before painting, your face must be smooth and fresh before applying makeup… it only makes sense. Having suffered with acne in high school and being prone to dry skin, I’ve always been on the search for the best skincare products. Since discovering what my skin really needs, I’ve seen an incredible improvement in the condition of my skin.

When I wear makeup now, it looks less cakey, blotchy, and flakey than it ever did with my poor skincare regimen. Today, I cleanse with a redness reducing and salicylic acid face wash (I use this Neutrogena one) and I try out a multitude of face masks.

The green, creamy, cucumber face mask isn’t all that the cosmetic world has to offer… there is a mask for anything you could imagine. From the Silver Mask by Glamglow to the array of sheet masks found at Sephora (read more about the trend here), the skincare and cosmetics worlds are coming up with new, breakthrough products that are anything but basic. Today, I’m going to tell you all about my favorite masks and how they have helped me with my skincare probs.

Fresh Rose Face Mask

So, first of all, I’m obsessed with roses. Actually, I have a rose scented candle sitting right next to me as we speak. When I saw that Fresh had a rose mask with real rose petals, I was all about it. This mask is kinda pricey, but after trying the sample given to me as my birthday gift from Sephora, I am seriously considering making the purchase. This mask is great for any skin type, and works on hydrating and toning your skin. I have really sensitive skin, so I was surprised to find that this mask didn’t irritate my skin at all. Oh, also speaking of Fresh, if you need an exfoliating mask you must check out their Sugar Face Polish (made with real brown sugar and strawberries). It saves me from the dry skin struggle.

FullSizeRender 2

Sephora Sheet Masks

Sheet masks are my new obsession. Zero mess and zero fuss. All you have to do is take the mask out, and place it on your face. The mask should then adhere to the skin. I love the Sephora masks, in particular, because of the variety of options that they offer. They have a mask for nearly any skin concern that you may have… from mattifying and anti-blemish, to anti-fatigue and energizing, they have it all. Sephora also sells sheet masks just for the eyes, so you can give those dark circles and puffy eyes some extra attention.

FullSizeRender 3

Mario Badescu

This brand seriously has a great line of masks… and I mean it. With all masks being reasonably priced, you can find this line of facial saviors at such stores like Anthropolgie and Urban Outfitters. I own the Enzyme Revitalizing Mask. It smooths my skin and gives it an extra dose of hydration. One product that stands out to me in particular is the Drying Lotion. All you have to do is dab it on a zit, and it will shrink up overnight. What will they think of next?! Mario Badescu also offers some really great skincare sets. If you have oily or acne prone skin, check out the Complexion Perfection Kit. Want a glowing and hydrated complexion? Give the Brightening Kit a try.


Now, go get familiar with the latest masks and skincare techniques. Soon, you’ll have your skin lookin’ as #fresh as ever.

Until next time,

Alex B. 

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