Brand Spotlight: Lush

OK, so I’m sure we’ve all heard of the beauty brand, Lush. I mean … I’m sure I’m not the only person who has seen those cool bath bomb videos on my Instagram Explore page (I have no life). Anyways, I’ve known of this brand for awhile now, and I’ve tried some products by them in the past, but it has been awhile since I took a trip to their store.

While in NYC this past weekend, I decided to pop into the store to see what they had. Literally so many products — from face masks, to foot creams, Lush has thought of every product, not to mention they’re all 100% vegetarian. My roommate has the Roots Hair Treatment from Lush — I tried it and it’s safe to say I fell in love. This mint-scented hair mask promotes hair growth and volume and feels SO refreshing on your scalp. Even though I love this hair mask, I was on the hunt for something new.

Hot Oil Hair Treatment

These immediately caught my eye when I saw them. I am all for pampering myself and having spa nights, so when I saw “hot oil treatment” I was instantly intrigued. The mask comes as a small block of solid oil. When you want to use the treatment, you boil several quarts of water in a pot and add the treatment (Note: be sure to add the water slowly. I added mine too fast, and the consistency ended up being more watery than intended … but hey you live and you learn!). Eventually, the mask will thicken and viola! You are all set for spa night. The treatment can also be used more than once, as there was a good amount of product left after my first use.

I chose the “Kinky” hot oil treatment considering my natural hair texture: wavy and frizzy. This mask is great for softening, hydrating and eliminating frizz, which is perfect for my unruly hair. The treatment is scented with ylang ylang and rosewood, so my hair is also left smelling like a dream. I kept this product in for several hours. When it comes to any type of mask or treatment, I like to keep them on for as long as possible to soak up all the benefits. This treatment is great if you plan to stay at home all day, or if you want to apply it before you go to sleep and rise when you wake up in the morning. Bottom line: I will definitely be purchasing hair treatments from Lush again.

Cup O’ Coffee

When I saw this face and body mask on the shelf, I picked it up and put it in my basket. I had to buy it. I have tried coffee body scrubs in the past and I seriously fell in love. First of all, I am a self proclaimed coffee addict, so the smell was enough to hook me from the start. Besides that fact, coffee grounds are great for exfoliating and revealing soft, radiant skin. Lately, my pores have been more clogged than usual on my face, and my body has been significantly more dry because of the weather. I like to dampen my hands and apply the scrub all over before I get in the shower. This way, the scrub won’t wash off immediately and the product has a chance to soak into the skin. This product was meant for me, as it is the perfect remedy for rough winter skin.

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