Tips for Amazing Lashes

Besides a nice, defined brow, I would say that creating perfect lashes is something that I always try to achieve in my makeup ventures. Besides mascara, there are a few other small tricks you can use to help create your best lashes yet. I’m going to list some of the steps that I take to achieve long, defined, and voluminous lashes.


If you don’t curl your eyelashes already, you definitely need to start right now! Creating a curled lash can make shorter lashes appear longer, and longer lashes appear more voluminous. I have tried a few eyelash curlers myself, and drug store curlers work just as well as the high-end versions. It really doesn’t matter which brand curler you have, just as long as you have one!

When using an eyelash curler, I suggest holding the curler down on your lashes for about 5-10 seconds. If you want your lashes to be extra curly, I suggest blowing your hairdryer on your curler for a few seconds before you curl. It’s kind of a weird trick, but whenever I do this, it creates a more dramatic curl that lasts longer when compared to not heating up the eyelash curler. It’s definitely not a must for every day, but for special occasions, it adds something a little extra to your lashes!


I am a firm believer in priming just about anything, and the answer is yes… there are even primers for your eyelashes! I have tried a primer from both Lancome and Dior, and found that my lashes are more voluminous and defined when compared to only using mascara. I do not use primer every day either, only for special occasions. I recently purchased a clear Brow & Lash Gel from The Body Shop, and was experimenting with it as a primer. I found that when I applied the gel before my mascara, my lashes were more separated and appeared to be longer. The best part is that I got this product for around 10 bucks! Seriously a steal.



Now it’s time for what makes the lashes… the mascara, of course. Personally, I use Covergirl Clump Crusher on a daily basis, and it works like a charm. I always get compliments on my lashes, and it’s all thanks to Covergirl. This mascara separates my lashes and offers volume, while giving me little to no clumps. When I feel like splurging however, I always pick up Dior It Lash. The brush is seriously amazing, and my eyelashes always look their absolute best with this mascara.

As far as application goes, I typically apply two coats.. maybe three if I feel like having a super dramatic look. The key to achieving dark lashes is to first apply the mascara on top of the lashes, then on the bottom. This will make both sides of your lashes look dark, instead of just the bottom side. I also recommend using the tip of the mascara wand on the inner and outer corners of your lashes, and also to apply the mascara as close to your lash-line as possible. Seriously, when you start using the tip of the mascara wand for those hard to reach lashes, it makes all the difference!


Hope these tips help with achieving your ultimate lash look!

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My Fall Makeup Look

Hey everyone!

Fall is finally upon us… and I must say that I have been waiting for this since arriving back at school. I’m all for summertime, trust me, but I have been dying to wear my favorite sweaters and boots, not to mention some of the trendiest makeup looks for the season.

In the summertime I typically don’t wear foundation, or much makeup at all for that matter. I cannot stand the feeling of foundation sweating off of my face. However, now that the warm temperatures are subsiding and the cooler weather is trickling in, I am starting to play around with my daily makeup look.

This has been my go-to look:

Subtle Smoky Eye

When I wake up in the morning for class, I am clearly not in the mood to work on my face for 45 minutes, but I still want to look cute and presentable. Lately I have been experimenting with shadow sticks, and by using one I am able to create a smoky eye in less than five minutes!

First, I take a lighter shade and swipe it on my lid starting from the lash line and working up. Then, I smudge with my fingers.. seriously so easy! Next, I take a darker color and line my upper lash line, then smudge the color in to create a sultry smoky eye.

The amount of product that you use is totally up to you, as is how intense you want the eye makeup to be. I typically go a little bit lighter for daytime, and the particular shadows that I use have very buildable color. This makes it easy to apply the color as light or as dark as I want.

I use the Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Cream Shadow Sticks in Dusty Mauve (shimmering lavender) and Bark (rich brown). A lot of other brands carry quality eyeshadow sticks too, like The Estee Edit, Laura Mercier, and of course, NARS.



Rosy Cheeks

I don’t know what it is about a quality blush, but I seriously cannot resist a classic rosy cheek. I think a rose color pairs perfectly with a smoky eye. My go-to blushes are by NARS, and my favorite shade is Dolce Vita, which is a dusty rose. This shade is the perfect warm shade of pink, and I think it’s perfect for adding some life to your face in the fall. I apply the color to the apples of my cheeks and subtly blend outward. The color should tailor off to create a natural and well-blended finish.


Nars Blush in Dolce Vita

Pink Lips

I seriously cannot get enough of purple and pink lip colors this fall. I have a lip product by Chanel that’s called the Rouge Double Intensité Ultra Wear Lip Color and I have had it for years. It still seems to wear nicely and looks awesome, regardless of how long I’ve had it. Because I bought it so long ago, they no longer sell this exact color, but the Light Rose shade is nearly a perfect match.

This product is great because you first apply a velvety smooth layer of color and then go overtop with the gloss. The best part about it is the scent, obviously. It smells like cookies and vanilla, and I can’t get enough if it. Yes, it is a little pricey, but if you love makeup as much as I do, sometimes splurging on a staple product that you know you’ll use often is totally worth it!


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Pastels: The Underrated Color Family

When I think of pastels in the spring, the first thought that pops into my head is,”Wow, that’s original.” But the more that I’ve considered the variety of muted colors that make up the pastel color spectrum, I’m like, “Wait, I actually love these shades.

There’s something about adding a soft pink, blue, or purple to your makeup look. It’s simple and pretty, and can be worn at any time of the day. Pastels will brighten up your face, and even give off a “I-can’t-wait-for-spring” vibe. Well, at least that’s my motivation for supporting this understated color family.


This product is one of my most prized possessions: The Guerlain Meteorites Illuminating Powder Pearls. The array of shimmering pastel pearls inside this ornate, little box will color-correct and illuminate your complexion with one stroke. My savior.

New makeup collections that have been popping up at Sephora this year were my first hint that pastel-colored makeup would be a hit. Every year, Sephora and Pantone Universe establish a “Color of the Year,” which they then revolve a makeup collection around. This year the colors are Rose Quartz (light pink) and Serenity (light blue). These two colors are accompanied by other watercolor-inspired shades for the collection, which you can see here.

At first, I was kind of wary of the idea of wearing a light blue lipstick… but paired with the right products, you can achieve a fresh and edgy look. I’ve never really seen pastel makeup as edgy, but Sephora and Pantone Universe have proved me wrong.

Looking for a similar product for half the price? The NYX Macaron Lippies (loving the name… macarons are my #1) have some french dessert-inspired lipsticks in 12 different hues. I would have to say that the rose-lavender pink is my favorite shade of the bunch.


A soft pink nude will compliment any pastel shadow or blush. This Dior shade is one of my go-to lipsticks.

Another hint that lead me to see this trend was the Nars Spring 2016 Color Collection (of course). In their latest collection, a variety of soft pinks and blues are featured along with a variety of gorgeous neutrals. I am definitely hoping to purchase their Impassioned Blush. The shade is described as “pink orchid,” a light pink with some subtle blue undertones. Just when I thought that Nars couldn’t create any more amazing blush colors, they’ve managed to blow my mind with yet another.

When I was stumbling upon more makeup products that I can’t afford, (my everyday life), I discovered the new Dior ‘5 Couleurs – Glowing Gardens’ palette. Ok, so yes it’s probably not in my budget to purchase this palette any time soon, but you’ve got to check this one out. The palette includes a yellow and a green, and believe me when I say that this palette makes me want to wear yellow and green eyeshadow. It just goes to show that pastels are definitely wearable… especially when Dior is behind it.

Speaking of eyeshadows, Milk Makeup offers their Matte Quad, which is absolute perfection. The shadows can be applied with your fingers due to the light cushion-like formula. The 4 shades included are a light purple, pink, nude, and brown. These colors are totally versatile and perfect for on-the-go use… plus it will give your everyday eye routine a little something extra.

The ever-so-popular eyebrow product brand, Anastasia Beverly Hills, has come out with their first eyeshadow palette where they pay tribute to the pastel color family. The Self Made Eyeshadow Palette includes a light yellow, pink, and mint color along with 11 other various shades. Definitely worth checking out if you’re a fan of the Anastasia brand.


Purple shadows (especially this one) are great worn alone with a little mascara. This subtle light orchid shade is no longer sold in stores, but it still remains one of my favorites.

So next time you look at a gorgeous light blue eyeshadow or baby pink lipstick, don’t hesitate to give it a try. It might end up being your new favorite product. Don’t underestimate the power of pastels this spring! #pastelsforlife

Alex B. 


Your Perfect Eye Shadow

This past winter break, I spent most of my time working at the greatest place on the planet… Sephora. I was able to learn a lot about the cosmetic and beauty industry, especially from answering a variety of beauty-related questions that clients had. I noticed that many were particularly concerned with finding their perfect contour palette, while others were focused on discovering new eye shadows that bring out their features.

It’s particularly exciting to find a new eye shadow palette that really compliments your eye color. After all, the eyes (and eyebrows, of course) are the focal point of the face… so let’s make them look their best.

Brown Eyes

I know most about brown eyes considering I have a pair of my own. I have found that golds and purples bring out the most in my eyes. The technique that I use when applying eyeshadow is to first try to bring out the colors I see in my eyes, so bronze, golds and yellows. Rich, pigmented blues also look quite nice with brown eyes. I typically don’t wear blue eyeshadow, but give me a cobalt or turquoise liner and I’m all in.

I found the perfect shade of turquoise and gold in the Coastal Scents StyleEYES Palette in Glamour Eyes. I sweep the gold over my lid, and then line my lower lash line in the turquoise for a fun twist on my day-to-day shadow look. Another one of my new favorites is the Nars Eyeshadow Duo in Isolde. The duo includes the perfect shade of copper as well as an orange-ish brown. These colors are richly pigmented, and will give you flawless application with one swipe.

While at Target the other day, I found the NYX Love in Paris Eye Shadow Palette in Merci Beaucoup and absolutely fell in love. The palette comes with intense golds and browns, as well as some super flattering pinks and mauve shades, which are really popular this season.

Blue Eyes

Metallics on all eye colors always work, but I feel like there’s nothing better than silver smokey shadow on blue eyes. The grey compliments the blue in such a subtle and neutral way. You simply can’t go wrong. I also LOVE blue eyes with a subtle pink color. I don’t mean a bright hot pink, so don’t be frightened! Light shades of pink and rose gold will make your blue eyes stand out and glisten.

The Nars Matte/Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette includes both the light pink shades as well as the smokey grey colors. The palette also includes a black eyeliner pencil to create the perfect eye for day or night. I also just picked up an eyeliner pencil from Estee Lauder in rose gold. Since this shade is subtle enough to complement any eye color, blue-eyed beauties should definitely consider an eyeliner pencil in a similar shade. Speaking of a flattering shade for any eye color, e.l.f. cosmetics offers a Baked Eyeshadow Palette  with neutral tones ranging from golds to purples. And its only $10, so I would recommend not passing up on this budget-friendly staple palette.

FullSizeRender 5

Estee Lauder Double Wear Eyeliner in Pink Gold


Green or Hazel Eyes

Depending on the shade, I will often pair green eyes with a green shadow. Ensure it’s not a bright green, but more of a deep forest green with some gold shimmer. Seriously the color is foolproof. That sort of dark green/gold also looks great on hazel eyes.

The Josie Maran Watercolor Eyeshadow in Rainforest Green should be something you look into. I have this shadow in Playa Del Pink, and I was blown away by how great this stuff is. It goes on so smooth and the coconut water makes it extra hydrating. Purple should also be your go-to color for green or hazel eyes. A dusty lavender or deep plum works for all hours of the day, all year long. Laura Mercier’s Eye Art Artist Palette includes the most amazingly subtle purple shades, as well as some classic neutral tones, perfect for your green or hazel eyes. Looking for a flattering and versatile eyeshadow palette? The NYX Eye Gift Set Voodoo Love Spells Palette in green includes a shimmering cream, a dark brown, and a forest green, three neutral colors that are a must for your green or hazel eyes.

The moral of my story is that certain colors and shades can really make your eyes look, well, incredible.Don’t be afraid to take the risk and try some color on your lids. I guarantee that you will be so impressed with how much your eye color pops! One great eyeshadow palette that compliments your eye color will last you a great while, so it’s definitely worth the investment. Also- I just want to add that ANY eye color can wear metallics and neutral tones, but sometimes opting for an extra pop of color can really complete your look.


Alex B 

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